Young Aaron learning how to press the right buttons in 2008.

Hello, Im Aaron Lam – a musician from Victoria, Canada currently based in Hong Kong. I work as a music teacher at an international school in Hong Kong, teach private music production lessons and also compose scores for short films.

I use different names for different projects/genres I produce:

  1. DIMPLE – Funky house and electro dance mixes
  2. Film Scores – Musical compositions for short films
  3. Some Little Prince – Acoustic guitar and piano covers
  4. The Fiendish Dr. Wu – Asian-inspired electronic beats
  5. The Lam – Hip Hop and jazz mashups
  6. Other – Random musical projects that don’t really fit anywhere else

Throughout my life, I have never heard or spoke any language more beautiful and universally understood than music. It has the power to to shake hips, to supply hope, to change minds, to join lovers, to disband pain, to annoy the elderly and to draw us all together. I am thankful for the endless joy music has given me and nothing makes me happier than sharing the fruits of this magic with others.

Take a listen to some of my tracks above or if you want to learn more about me, read about my musical history.

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