Some Little Prince

“Some Little Prince” is the name I used for an acoustic album I recorded in my bedroom a few weeks before I left Canada to move to Hong Kong in 2012. Since I was leaving home and spreading my wings for the first time, I wanted to thank my parents and give them something they could listen to when they would inevitably miss me.

I used this name for 2 reasons. First, The Little Prince is my all-time favorite children’s story. Second, in my family, I am the only one to carry my last name, Lam, in my generation of 20 or so other cousins. In that sense, I am the crown prince of my family though I would hardly consider myself royalty.

The songs I chose are the ones I would sing around the house all the time and the piano tracks are either original compositions or covers of some of my favorite songs.

Listening back on this, I can still feel that swell in my throat. That anxiousness of going to a new land, to leave home, to be alone, to see new things and to be who I will be. I hit a lot of flat notes, miss some lyrics, had no idea how to record multi-track and used too much reverb but I’m most proud of my honesty.

This one’s for you, family.

When I Met the Stray

This was the first song I composed when I landed in Hong Kong. I felt lost when I arrived and I met other people who were also lost, including a girl. This one was for me but it was mostly for her.

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